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Design : Why user personas are not enough

Despite what the title imply, I am actually a fan of user personas. There are good reasons why user personas have become an important deliverable among branding and web agencies alike. User personas are an invaluable tool when working on a site’s visual appearance. User personas are an invaluable tool when working on a site’s visual appearance, and it would be wrong not to cover them in this series. However, I have written about pe…

Better UX : An experience with user personas

…a stereotype, or archetype of a typical website user. For getting to grips with the theory, we’ve covered Personas before on Boagworld; see this previous post on the subject. Personas are useful. In discussions of site architecture and design, it is far easier and more natural to ask; ‘what would George do’,  or ‘how would Sharon use this feature’ rather than talking in abstract or vague terms throughout. Personas h…

Classic shows : Show 101: Delusional

…at kind of features and functions they would require off a site, using this information research we might create personas, and personas are a great way of capturing a rough demographic I guess of users and it allows you to start thinking in terms of how people will use the site because what tends to happen is people will sit down and think of the stereotypical user but each users got different needs and the nice thing about personas, is if you…

Better UX : An alternative approach to personas

…217;m working on a site I find it incredibly useful to picture the person I’m designing for. That is where personas come in. They make the user real and that to me is invaluable. That said, some personas can get a bit wordy for me. They go into so much depth about the persons likes and dislikes, their internet experience and family situation, that they loose their impact. They stop being an easy way to keep the user in the front of my mind….

Classic shows : 150. User Manipulation

…’t produce natural reactions from users, but that is one kind of technique. There is, uh, kind of creating personas, and using personas, user personas which are an archetype of your site or product’s users, and getting everyone involved in activities around those personas, whether that be using those personas as your talking through features around, you know, a brainstorming session, and getting people to sort of role-play those perso…

Marketing : Getting to know your users

…ith a good dollop of imagination, you should be able to come up with something like this. Try to ensure that the personas you develop have a sense of real personality about them. Detail helps a persona feel more real and easier to associate with. Depending on the size of your site and the breadth of your audience, you may end up developing a number of personas each one representing a different target audience. Using your personas Once you have al…

Content Strategy : How site personas can enhance your site

It is an interesting question. Take a look at your website for a moment. Look at the design, read some of the copy. Can you picture a single person that represents your site? If the answer is no, then you may benefit from the creation a site persona. What is a site persona? Essentially a site persona is similar to a user persona. It is a fictional individual who represents your site. You could chose to give that person a name, an age or even dec…

Classic shows : Show 98: Flybe Farce

…follow suit this is still not going to get a lot of traction. We will have to wait and see. Creating better user personas I feel like I have been talking about user personas a lot recently. They are certainly a tool I have been using for a long time and with good reason. I find them incredibly useful in focusing the designer and client on who they are developing for. They help to define functionality, content, tone and design. However although I…

Podcast (S2) : Defining your audience and their tasks

…gners are focusing on the goals, activities and tasks rather than the demographics of the user. The problem with personas For a while now the web design community (myself included) have put a considerable emphasis on personas as a way to design for the user’s needs. Personas do have their place. Being able to picture what a user looks like and understanding a little of their background can be very beneficial in writing and designing for them. How…

Design : Who do you think you are?

When you last redesigned your website, did you create user personas? The chances are you did. User personas have become a massively popular way to better understand your users. But, what about understanding yourself? What about understanding your business? Aaron Walters produced a great post about understanding your own site’s personality for Smashing Magazine. Among other things he wrote: Personas show us only half of what we need to see…

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