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Paul is a leader in digital transformation and user experience design thinking. He has over 20 years experience working with clients such as Doctors Without Borders and PUMA. He is the author of five books and a well respected presenter.

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Paul Boag is a leader in digital strategy and user experience design. He has been working with diverse organisations such as The European Commission, PUMA and Doctors Without Borders for over 20 years. Through consultancy and training, he helps organisations make better use of digital technologies. He helps them meet the needs of today’s connected consumers.

Paul is also a well-respected figure in the digital sector. Author of five books including Digital Adaptation and User Experience Revolution. He also writes for industry publications including Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint and Net Magazine.

Finally, Paul speaks around the world about user experience design and digital transformation. Alongside speaking, he also hosts the award-winning user experience podcast over at boagworld.com.

Paul Boag

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7 Fields Oak,
Blandford Forum.
Dorset DT11 7PP
United Kingdom.

07760 123 120
Skype: Boagworld
Twitter: @Boagworld