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About me

Tradition dictates I have an about me page. Personally, I hate writing these things. However, if you are one of the handful of people interested in knowing more about me then read on.

When I was planning the content for this site, I wrote the following about this page:

About me – A less frequented part of the site, but still necessary. This page exists primarily to add credibility to my writing by establishing my authority.

Now I find myself having to write the content. How am I supposed to do that without sounding incredibly big headed?

Paul Boag at FOWD

Look, they let me stand on a big stage. I must know what I am talking about!

I could write in the third person, but really? Is that going to fool anybody?

Bearing in mind you have probably stopped reading by now, here goes…

Why should you care what I say?

Its amazing how many people get referred to my posts as a weapon in some argument. The conversation goes something like this:

Person A: I believe X

Person B: I disagree!

Person A: Check out this link on boagworld.com. He agrees with me so you must be wrong.

If you are person B and want to know why person A puts such store in my opinion, here are a few possible reasons:

  • I have been building websites since 1994. I will leave you to decide whether that is a sign of experience or merely that I am unable to gain any other form of employment.
  • I speak at a lot of web design conferences and it constantly surprises how much attention people give me when I am on stage.
  • I have written a book on running a successful website. That always goes down well and instantly wins you street cred. Strangely, the ebooks I have published just don’t have the same impact.
  • I write for numerous other publications including .net magazine, smashing magazine and the web designer depot. They seem willing to pay for my articles so they can’t be totally worthless.
  • I host a web design podcast that seems marginally popular. I sometimes think people mistake me for a TV celebrity as a result.
  • Last but certainly not least, I co-founded a very successful web design company with some extremely clever people. I think that gives me credibility by association.

I think that about fulfils the aim of this page to establish my credibility. Of course being British it had to be done with a big dollop of self deprecating humour.

No doubt, you now have a desperate desire to work with me. Presuming that is the case, make your way in an orderly manner to the button below.

Wow, I would love to hire you! or at least follow you.

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