Time to Get Creative With Your Advertising Budget

If you want to reach a tech savvy audience who are blind to traditional banner ads then I can help.

When you are trying to reach digital professionals, think beyond traditional online marketing. They are savvy, cynical and many block banner adverts and spam email. You need to get creative!

That is why I work with advertisers to find original ways of engaging with the Boagworld audience. I help them reach my 45,000 twitter followers or my 57,000 monthly visitors to this site. But I do it in a way that reflects well on your brand and engages (rather than alienates) users.

Here are a few ideas that you might like to try:

  • Consider sponsoring our podcast. As I explain here, it is a powerful, yet largely untapped, advertising opportunity.
  • Ask me to write a post on your site. I can then drive traffic to that post through social media, this site and my newsletter.
  • Support the web community by sponsoring me to speak at community events. Events that cannot afford my normal fee.
  • Work with me to write a post for Boagworld that relates to your product, without forcing it down people’s throats.
  • Show your commitment to inclusiveness by paying for the transcriptions of each week’s podcast.
  • Grab people’s attention by paying for me to give a free webinar.
  • Working with me to create an online video learning course.
  • Run a competition with some free mentorship hours as a prize.
  • Commission me to write a pocket guide ebook on a subject relating to your product.

The list could go on. The point is that I will work with you to find the best way of reaching your audience. Together we will establish what you want to say and the most engaging way to say it.

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