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Accessibility (31)

Web accessibility is not just about catering to the needs of the disabled. It is about providing people with access to your online services whatever their situation, whether that be a disability, older technology or alternative device (such as a mobile phone). Making your site accessible is not only morally right, it will improve your search engine rankings and expose your message to a larger audience.

Featured: Ecommerce solutions fail their customers

We have recently discovered that the majority of ecommerce software solutions exclude users who have Javascript disabled. That is like turning away 1 in 20 customers.

Better UX (111)

A successful website has to be about more than pretty design or even fulfilling business objectives. A successful website has to meet the needs of users. Customer service and usability lies at the heart of differentiating yourself from the competition. However, a great user experience doesn't just meet user needs, it also nudges them in the right direction to ensure an outcome that benefits both the user and your business.

Featured: Empathy requires experience

The ability to empathise is recognised as a crucial soft skill that web designers, writers and managers require. However, empathy needs more than an intellectual understanding.


Classic shows (233)

The original Boagworld Podcast ran for over 200 episodes and was the first podcast on web design. Aimed at those who design, develop and run websites, it won many awards and grew rapidly from its humble beginnings in 2005. We reinvented the show in 2010 but the old episodes have been kept online and redefined as 'classic episodes'.

Featured: 216. Thanks for all the fish

This week on Boagworld: Chris Coyier talks CSS and more, we say goodbye to the boagworld podcast and ask what can you listen to now?


Content Strategy (89)

Your website doesn't matter. Neither does it matter what social network you use. What matters is what you say. It amazes me how organisations will spend thousands on a content management system or shiny new design, but fail to invest in their content. What point is there in having a great website if your message is poorly communicated? I desperately want to see everybody take web content more seriously.

Featured: How can we improve the news on our websites?

Let’s face it the ‘company news’ on most websites is terrible. It is dry, uninspiring and fails to engage users. What then can we do about it?


Design (152)

I began my career in the web as a designer and that is where my passion still lies. I write regularly on all aspects of user interface design from aesthetics to structure and flow. I write about design, not just for other designers but to make the design process more accessible to clients and help them understand exactly what goes into the process. I believe in a collaborative process of design where the designer works alongside developer and client to find the right solution.

Featured: Should clients have the ultimate say over design?

Clients like to have the ultimate say about design sign-off, but are they best qualified to make that decision? If not, then what is the alternative?


Development (102)

I am the first to admit I am not a developer. However, I am still interested in the development process and occasionally have something useful to say. I also know some amazing developers and try my best to get them to post here from time to time. With the web becoming ever more complex with more diverse devices and powerful applications, I can see my posts to this section becoming more frequent.

Featured: Why you should care about CSS page performance

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years as both a user and creator of websites, it’s that performance matters.

Digital Strategy (190)

Ultimately an organisation has an online presence for a single reason, to help fulfil its business objectives. To be online just because the competition is or because that is what everybody does is not enough. Your organisation needs a web strategy. It needs to outline how exactly the web can help. Establishing these goals and working out the best strategy for achieving them has become the primary focus of my job.

Featured: Can you change your company from the bottom up?

For many companies, to be digitally effective means fundamental changes to the business. The question is whether this is possible without the buy-in of management?


Marketing (83)

It is no longer enough for an organisations 'web strategy' to only consist of having a website. The web is an incredible marketing tool but in order for it to work at its most effective you need to use its many aspects from your corporate site to social media and SEO. I believe that online marketing is about building relationships with potential customers wherever they are and using all the online tools available to us.

Featured: The Nexus of Website Design and Search Optimisation

Andy Kinsey explains how SEO is a combination of great design and amazing content.

Mobile (71)

The web has changed. Where once we had a fair idea of how people accessed the web (via a desktop computer at home or in the office) now things are more challenging. With a plethora of devices from smartphones to internet enabled televisions, we do not know where, when or how people are going online. Mobile devices in particular have changed the landscape and we need to move with the times.

Featured: The problem with mobile frameworks

You have made the decision to develop a mobile app. Good for you. But should you build a native app or a hybrid / web app?

News (154)

One of the things I love most about the web is how fast everything changes. It is hard to keep up, but that is perfect for somebody like me who seems to suffer from ADD. There is always something new happening and that is exactly what I try to share in this category. If you want to stay up-to-date keep an eye on what I post here.

Featured: Away for the summer

The sun is shiny, the family is on holiday and so I will be taking a break from blogging and podcasting until the 9th September.


Question & Answers (32)

Boagworld is not just my blog; its a community of designers, developers and website owners who support one another. One of the ways we do that is by answering each other questions. If you have a question about any aspect of the web or digital strategy, ask it here. Alternatively check out the existing questions and add your answer to the mix.

Featured: Working with clients and content

@boagworld as a freelance developer how do you handle web content? Do clients write their own or should I hire a web writer?


Reviews (74)

If it's shiny and new then you can guarantee I will be playing with it. From new web apps to the latest hardware and software, I share those little discoveries that make a web users life easier. You will find something in this section whether you are a designer, developer or website owner.

Featured: A life to inspire us all

Today is Father’s Day and so I wanted to introduce you to my dad. Before you stop reading and think this is not worth your attention, think again.

Short Audio Tips (212)

As well as the weekly podcast, Paul releases regular audio tips. Normally only a few minutes long, these tips are ideal for inspiring you while you work. No matter whether you are a designer, developer or website owner, you will find something for you among these tips. You can subscribe via itunes or RSS.

Featured: Can clients make good design suggestions?

If the Matrix teaches us one thing its that sometimes the client can make better design suggestions than the professional web designer.


Talks (24)

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is learning new things and then communicating that to others. I have been privileged enough to travel all over the world talking about every conceivable aspect of web design from accessibility to working with clients. In this section I bring together a small selection of those talks and make them available.

Featured: The past and future of web design

What were the early days of web design like? What about the future? How do you start out and stay up-to-date in such a rapidly evolving industry? These and other questions I explore in an interview with smashing Magazine.

Working in web (117)

Working as part of the web design community since 1994 has been a privilege. I love the web and I love the people I meet through it. This section is where I share something of my experiences as part of this community. Some of the posts are dully personal, but some talk more broadly about the challenges we face as web workers.

Featured: What is the best software for web design?

Is your choice of web design tool making life harder or easier, for yourself and others? We need to be more flexible over our choice of tool.


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