Energetic, Inspirational and Informative Presentations

If you are running a conference and are looking for speakers then you have come to the right place. Equally if you want to generate some enthusiasm about digital in your company then I can help.

I am often asked to speak on various aspects of digital. I have been lucky enough to travel the world sharing digital best practice. It’s a lot of fun and I get a kick out of exciting people about the potential of digital.

I would love to encourage your audience too.

Alla Gringaus

Only [Paul Boag] can engage & make laugh non-stop the entire audience of 400 people (after lunch!) while providing the best learning XP on the subject. Alla Gringaus

What events do you speak at?

I have spoken at a huge range of events. From local meet-ups of a few dozen to conferences with over 25,000 attendees. I have keynoted conferences and run tiny panels.

I have also spoken at many different types of events. I speak at web design conferences but have also spoken at marketing and business conferences too. Not to mention sector-specific events.

In short, whatever your event, I would be open to attending. I am not a pretentious speaker that only speaks at events of a certain size!

Although I speak at a lot of large events, I do also speak at individual companies as well.

Will you speak at my company?

Absolutely. I love speaking at company events. They allow me to tailor the presentation for that specific organisation. It makes content a lot more relevant, which is what you want as a speaker.

I have presented at organisations such as the European Commission, BBC and leading universities. I even give presentations at larger web design agencies.

What do you speak about?

I cover a broad range of digital subjects, but tend to focus on the following areas:

That said if you have a topic in mind just ask. After 8 years of being an international speaker, I have probably talked on the subject before!

Do you speak at community events?

Absolutely! I love community events and want to support them. But I also need to pay the bills. 

One solution to this challenge is that we can run a full-day workshop around a meet-up event. If together we can sell enough tickets, it covers my costs, allow me to speak at your event and even make you some profit.

If that sounds of interest get in touch and we can discuss how to make it happen.

How much do you charge to speak?

That depends on two factors. How much preparation I need to do and how much of my time it will take up. If you want a new presentation then I will have to prepare it from scratch. That will cost more. But often I can reuse a presentation I have given in the past.

Are you any good?

I am far too humble to say. But I do tend to get good feedback. The best thing to do is watch some examples of my previous talks. Here is one that went down well.