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Web accessibility is not just about catering to the needs of the disabled. It is about providing people with access to your online services whatever their situation, whether that be a disability, older technology or alternative device (such as a mobile phone). Making your site accessible is not only morally right, it will improve your search engine rankings and expose your message to a larger audience.

Latest in Accessibility

Accessibility: Adapting to accessibility

Is it time for us to take a fresh look at the subject of accessibility? Phil Powell offers some thoughtful insights into how we might make the web a more accessible place – not just for those who are disabled, but for everybody.

Accessibility : Quick fix accessibility

Complying with accessibility guidelines can seem like a massive undertaking. However, addressing 5 simple problems can make a huge difference to your sites accessibility.

Accessibility : Introduction to Accessibility

I have been giving a presentation to various organisations about getting started in web accessibility. I have recorded it for the new headscape website (which we might actually launch one day). Until that arrives I thought I would share it here.

Accessibility : Advice for CMS users

I have been putting together a document for work that provides some basic advice for people who work with content management systems. It covers things like accessibility and writing for the web.

Accessibility : The problem with IE7 zoom

The one feature of IE7 that seems to have received almost universal praise is the ability to zoom a page. However, although I generally like this feature it does have one frustrating problem.

Accessibility : atMedia: WCAG 2.0

Although there has been a lot of criticism of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and I am still as confused about what they actually say, at least I can now see some hope for the future of accessibility.

Accessibility : Target, accessibility and opinions

So, Target is being sued by the American National Federation for the Blind because of their inaccessible website. I have received a number of emails asking for my opinion, so here it is…..

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