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Web accessibility is not just about catering to the needs of the disabled. It is about providing people with access to your online services whatever their situation, whether that be a disability, older technology or alternative device (such as a mobile phone). Making your site accessible is not only morally right, it will improve your search engine rankings and expose your message to a larger audience.

Latest in Accessibility

Accessibility: Adapting to accessibility

Is it time for us to take a fresh look at the subject of accessibility? Phil Powell offers some thoughtful insights into how we might make the web a more accessible place – not just for those who are disabled, but for everybody.

Accessibility : Accessibility Guidance planned

It would appear that the Disability Rights Commission might be taking its first small steps towards introducing definitive guidelines in regards to web accessibility.

Accessibility : Accessibility and table layout don't mix

Here is my controversial point for the day. A point I am not sure if I agree with or not: It is impossible to conform to anything but the most basic level of accessibility if you are using tables to control layout.

Accessibility : Accessibility debates, more harm than good!

There is a growing rift between web designers over the issue of accessibility. Three camps exist, those who believe accessibility is about disability, those who believe it is broader than that and those who really do not care either way. As normal, my position is a foot in two camps.

Accessibility : Web Accessibility Report

Life continues to be maniacally busy with a trip to the states and more work than you can shake a stick at (what a ridiculous phrase). However probably the biggest project for me of late has been the launch of a report into accessibility in Higher Education.

Accessibility : Accessibility – A morale obligation

I often talk about the fact that we have a legal obligation to make our web sites accessibility. I also promote the financial benefits of making your web site accessible to all. But I have come to believe we also have a morale obligation to improve access to our sites.

Accessibility : Accessible sites don't have to be ugly

Headscape have just launched a new web site for HACT. Hact is a development agency that acts as a catalyst for change in the housing sector. But what is significant about the HACT web site is that it is WAI Priority three compliant. In English that means it meets the highest standards in accessibility.

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