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Your website doesn’t matter. Neither does it matter what social network you use. What matters is what you say. It amazes me how organisations will spend thousands on a content management system or shiny new design, but fail to invest in their content. What point is there in having a great website if your message is poorly communicated? I desperately want to see everybody take web content more seriously.

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Content Strategy: Look beyond copy

Writing text is easy. We fill our websites with it. It’s the lazy solution when we want to communicate a message. Time to branch out.


Content Strategy : My number one rejected recommendation

Imagine you could improve your search engine rankings, increase user engagement, gain real returns from your CMS, cause a jump in conversions and have a positive impact on brand perception? Would you spend to achieve that? Of course you would.

Content Strategy : Web teams need real authority

Imagine how different newspapers would be if the editor-in-chief didn't have editorial control over his own paper. What would the Guardian newspaper be like if the head of subscriptions could tell the…

Content Strategy : Content and design go hand in hand

Apologies for the long delay since I last posted an audio tip. I have been working on redesigning the Headscape website and this has taken a considerable amount of time. Because the site is relativ…

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