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I began my career in the web as a designer and that is where my passion still lies. I write regularly on all aspects of user interface design from aesthetics to structure and flow. I write about design, not just for other designers but to make the design process more accessible to clients and help them understand exactly what goes into the process. I believe in a collaborative process of design where the designer works alongside developer and client to find the right solution.

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Design: You are not Google. You are not Amazon.

As web professionals we often look at the success of companies like Google and Amazon, believing that if we emulate them, we will share their success. That is an incorrect assumption.


Design: Embracing your differences

In what is often a ‘me too’ culture, it was refreshing to work with the University of Highlands and Islands because they were willing to celebrate their differences.


Design : Why does your intranet suck?

Why are companies quite happy to invest in the design of their websites, but think the intranet is unimportant? Is an intranet really less important?

Design : Do you make users go ooh!

Do the websites that you are involved in contain anything that makes your users go oooh? If you want users to remember and return to your site, there are two things (amongst others) that you have to …

Content Strategy : Content and design go hand in hand

Apologies for the long delay since I last posted an audio tip. I have been working on redesigning the Headscape website and this has taken a considerable amount of time. Because the site is relativ…

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