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I am the first to admit I am not a developer. However, I am still interested in the development process and occasionally have something useful to say. I also know some amazing developers and try my best to get them to post here from time to time. With the web becoming ever more complex with more diverse devices and powerful applications, I can see my posts to this section becoming more frequent.

Latest in Development

Development : Why we often code in .NET

If I say .NET web development, what do you think? Do you feel a sneer creep across your face? After all, the cool kids code in PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python. If you would prefer to code in Cold Fusion…

Development : Putting media queries in their place

Okay this is a bit of a techie, nerdy, question. It was too long to fit into a tweet so I have posted it here instead. I have recently become a fan of object orientated CSS (or at least my limited un…

Development : Border-width animations

Rather liked a couple of these border animations, seen on HTML5 Advent. I've never considered animating borders before, but they could add interest if applied subtly on the right project. They only w…

Design : Typography effects with CSS3

More possibly unusable but very nicely made CSS3 effects. This time with typography: I do believe there is a place for many of these effects if used with subtlety and when appropriate. However, I a…

Development : CSS3 MadMen animation

I would love to have seen Andy's presentation as it looks really interesting (and trying to understand a presentation from slides alone is quite a challenge sometimes).  However, a lot of this look…

Development : Microsoft makes your job easier

Big news today. Microsoft is to make our lives just that little bit easier by auto-updating Internet Explorer. Twitter is abuzz with excitement over this news because it will mean a sharp decline in …

Development : A little responsive video demo

A lot has been written about responsive web design and a lot of screen grabs taken to show websites rendered at different widths. However, it all makes much more sense when you actually see what happe…

Development : CSS3 toolkit

I have been playing with Alex Morris’ new mac app CSS3 Toolkit. Its a simple little app that allows you to create complex decorative CSS3 styles visually. Currently CSS3 Toolkit supports: Border …

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