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It is no longer enough for an organisations ‘web strategy’ to only consist of having a website. The web is an incredible marketing tool but in order for it to work at its most effective you need to use its many aspects from your corporate site to social media and SEO. I believe that online marketing is about building relationships with potential customers wherever they are and using all the online tools available to us.

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Marketing : Do social widgets suck?

For a long time I have had my concerns about the use of social widgets on our websites. What value do they really have? Do users actually use them, or worse still, do they use them and get distracted …

Marketing : Creating a complete online user experience

I have been thinking a lot about social media recently. In fact it has become a bit of an obsession.The advice I used to give my clients sucked. It was superficial, ineffective and just didn't recogni…

Content Strategy : The secret of successful publishing

I recently ran a workshop on content strategy and social media. The reason I combine these two topics is because they are so closely linked. In today's connected world, publishing has changed. It is n…

Design : How your website can help you rebrand

When an organisation rebrands it is a massive undertaking. Not only is there the expense of engaging a brand agency, there is also the cost of reproducing all of their print material, not to mention t…

Marketing : Are you taking email seriously?

Are you taking e-mail seriously? As people who work with the web all the time, I think we have a somewhat coloured view of e-mail. We consider it a necessary evil and the last thing we ever want is m…

Marketing : Integrating Facebook and your website

I am back after Christmas and have new audio tips for you. I want to share some thoughts on how Facebook and your website can work more closely together. This follows on from my post on getting socia…

Marketing : Twylah gives your tweets new life

One of the big problems with Twitter is that tweets have a short shelf life. Within a few hours of tweeting they have dropped off of a persons stream never to be seen again. When using twitter to ma…

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