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It is no longer enough for an organisations ‘web strategy’ to only consist of having a website. The web is an incredible marketing tool but in order for it to work at its most effective you need to use its many aspects from your corporate site to social media and SEO. I believe that online marketing is about building relationships with potential customers wherever they are and using all the online tools available to us.

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Marketing : Now it's easier for your tweets to go viral

Twitter have just released a raft of updates including a new interface for and their iPhone application. However, the new ability to embed tweets is of the most interest to website owners…

Better UX : UX as an effective marketing tool

Traditional marketing consists of shouting to gain the attention of potential customers. He who shouts the loudest wins. However, this approach requires big budgets and years of trial and error. Buil…

Design : Thumbnail based web design?

Google have added an instant preview to its search results that shows a thumbnail of your website. Should this change the way you design?

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