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The web has changed. Where once we had a fair idea of how people accessed the web (via a desktop computer at home or in the office) now things are more challenging. With a plethora of devices from smartphones to internet enabled televisions, we do not know where, when or how people are going online. Mobile devices in particular have changed the landscape and we need to move with the times.

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Mobile : Buffer App – part 2

At Headscape we have been working on the redesign of native iPhone app; Bufferapp. In this post Leigh offers some insight into our mobile design process.

Mobile : Adobe Creative Week 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was ask to take part in the live 'Internet TV' debate at Adobe Creative Week 2012. The overriding subject was; should people in the industry be a 'Jack of all trades' or a 'Mas…

Design : Two talks by me for the price of one ;)

As part of my insane year of excessive speaking trips, I will be speaking at HOW Interactive Design in both Washington DC and San Francisco. This promises to be another great conference. If you are t…

Development : iOS safari resizing issues

Just a quick heads up about a peculiar little problem I encountered today. Like all the ‘cool kids’ I try and make all new sites I develop responsive. That includes the Headscape website,…

Mobile : Apps do not equal money: fools gold revealed

I wrote this post for a few weeks ago. In it I discuss the impact of the astonishing numbers revealed by Distimo highlighting how difficult it can be for your app to be noticed. '…

Mobile : Do I really need an app for that?

Over 650,000 individual apps are on the Apple App Store alone. Some of them are useful, many are not. In the rush to be apart of this online mobile revolution organisations are simply putting any o…

Mobile : Do I need an app for that?

2012 has been labeled the year of the app, but as you consider your mobile strategy it is legitimate to ask “Do I need an app for that?”

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