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The web has changed. Where once we had a fair idea of how people accessed the web (via a desktop computer at home or in the office) now things are more challenging. With a plethora of devices from smartphones to internet enabled televisions, we do not know where, when or how people are going online. Mobile devices in particular have changed the landscape and we need to move with the times.

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Mobile : Should we wait for Windows?

Whether or not there is a consumer tablet market at all, beyond the iPad, is still up for debate but in enterprise Microsoft is still a powerhouse. With the decline of RIM and the inability …

Mobile : Children switching from TV to mobile web

The BBC reported this morning on some new stats highlighting the impact that the mobile web is having on young people. It seems that increasi…

Mobile : Device applies use not context

I came across this interesting quote from Whitney Hess: Physical context of use can no longer be assumed by platform, only intentional context can. For the past couple of years, we have gotten i…

Mobile : Best viewed in iOS

One of the things I love about the web is its openness. The web is accessible to all, no matter your age, location, disability or technology. Whether you are accessing it via a mobile phone in the hea…

Mobile : The end of flash on the web

Aral Balkan has for many years been known as 'the flash guy' within the web standards community. He certainly proved to many of us that Flash was far from the evil technology we believed. However, Ar…

Mobile : Issues with mobile discoverability

I've written recently on mobile discoverability. I've found that the stats quoted in the article are also in evidence here on Boagworld. In fact, even more so. 65% of mobile Boagworld users hit the si…

Mobile : Free mobile strategy advice

The interest in mobile is incredible at the moment. Many website owners are so confused and we are getting loads of questions on the subject. I have therefore asked Rob Borley whether he would be w…

Mobile : More evidence for the rise of the tablet

I read a post on eConsultancy this morning which presents more evidence that we need to be taking tablet devices seriously. Conversion rates and average order vales are now higher (for this netwo…

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