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One of the things I love most about the web is how fast everything changes. It is hard to keep up, but that is perfect for somebody like me who seems to suffer from ADD. There is always something new happening and that is exactly what I try to share in this category. If you want to stay up-to-date keep an eye on what I post here.

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Design: You are not Google. You are not Amazon.

As web professionals we often look at the success of companies like Google and Amazon, believing that if we emulate them, we will share their success. That is an incorrect assumption.


News: Taking a break

With a book to finish and Christmas descending, the Boagworld blog and podcast is shutting its doors for a few weeks.


News : Join me in Vancouver for Interlink

Just finished my slides for my upcoming talk at Interlink in Vancouver and thought I would give you a sneak peek. The talk is entitled unbelievable ecommerce and although it is one I have given be…

News : When is the app bubble going to burst?

There is consistently talk of a bubble in app development. A .com boom style gold rush to cash in on the rise of the app. The question is when will this burst and where will we be when the d…

News : Earn £500 by finding our perfect team members

Did you know Headscape are still looking to recruit two web developers? Even if you aren’t a web developer yourself, read on as we are offering a £500 reward if you find us the perfect person. …

News : A whirlwind conference lineup

One of the favourite parts of my job is speaking at conferences. Although I miss the family, I love meeting new people and sharing ideas. I also get to hear other great speakers and always learn a lot…

News : Looking back and looking forward

At the end of each year I inevitably get asked to contribute to blog posts that either look back at the year just gone or ahead at what is to come. This year has been no exception, so I thought I woul…

News : A responsive Christmas

With Christmas almost upon us it is time for boagworld to pack up shop, drink a large glass of mulled wine and fondle presents under the tree. However, I do want to leave you with one parting gift fr…

News : Lessons from 2011

A List Apart recently released a mammoth collection of thoughts from people across the web design community on what they have learnt in 2011. It’s a brilliant post and well worth the read. One …

Development : Microsoft makes your job easier

Big news today. Microsoft is to make our lives just that little bit easier by auto-updating Internet Explorer. Twitter is abuzz with excitement over this news because it will mean a sharp decline in …

Mobile : The end of flash on the web

Aral Balkan has for many years been known as 'the flash guy' within the web standards community. He certainly proved to many of us that Flash was far from the evil technology we believed. However, Ar…

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