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One of the things I love most about the web is how fast everything changes. It is hard to keep up, but that is perfect for somebody like me who seems to suffer from ADD. There is always something new happening and that is exactly what I try to share in this category. If you want to stay up-to-date keep an eye on what I post here.

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Design: You are not Google. You are not Amazon.

As web professionals we often look at the success of companies like Google and Amazon, believing that if we emulate them, we will share their success. That is an incorrect assumption.


News: Taking a break

With a book to finish and Christmas descending, the Boagworld blog and podcast is shutting its doors for a few weeks.


Design : A golden age for design(ers)?

Joshua Porter seems to think we are entering a golden age for designers where companies are differentiating themselves through design. He writes: I talked with many people who were building startups …

News : I get interviewed by Kevin Dees

Kevin Dees was recently kind enough to have me on his video podcast. He asked some great questions about my career and my thoughts on success. …

News : .net awards rundown

Once again I was honoured to host this years .net awards and once again I was blown away at the quality of work being produced across the web design community. For me who won in each category was s…

News : Developer wanted dead or alive

There is serious stuff afoot at Headscape and it could change your life or at the very least earn you a bounty of £500! Although many people know Headscape for our UX work, in reality we do a huge a…

News : 2.0.

Gary is spot on. I am sorry to say we are seeing history repeating itself with bad business plans buoyed up on venture capital and fickle advertising revenue. This is something I have written about f…

Mobile : A student mobile survey

I have been looking over some stats recently and it is becoming increasingly clear that there are patterns of behavior emerging  for the use of different types of mobile devic…

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