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One of the things I love most about the web is how fast everything changes. It is hard to keep up, but that is perfect for somebody like me who seems to suffer from ADD. There is always something new happening and that is exactly what I try to share in this category. If you want to stay up-to-date keep an eye on what I post here.

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Design: You are not Google. You are not Amazon.

As web professionals we often look at the success of companies like Google and Amazon, believing that if we emulate them, we will share their success. That is an incorrect assumption.


News: Taking a break

With a book to finish and Christmas descending, the Boagworld blog and podcast is shutting its doors for a few weeks.


News : My Web Design Challenge

As web designers we like to complain that clients don’t “get it”. However, the truth is we suck at explaining our designs.

News : Let's have fun and give away stuff!

It’s been ages since I have given away free stuff on boagworld so thought it was about time I changed that. A few emails with later and we have ourselves a competition.

News : Fancy working at Headscape?

Are you a front end developer? Do you get obsessed by HTML, CSS, Javascript? Fancy working with Headscape in Hampshire? Give us a shout.

News : The current cookie crisis

The BBC published a post today about upcoming EU legislation over the use of cookies. This has sent many website owners into a panic. However, is that panic justified?

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