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The original Boagworld Podcast ran for over 200 episodes and was the first podcast on web design. Aimed at those who design, develop and run websites, it won many awards and grew rapidly from its humble beginnings in 2005. We reinvented the show in 2010 but the old episodes have been kept online and redefined as ‘classic episodes’.

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Classic shows: A podcast present

As it is Christmas we thought it was a good time to announce the return of the Boagworld podcast. In this special episode we introduce the new format being used when the show returns in January.


Classic shows : 187. Jedi Mind Tricks

On this week’s show: Paul looks at how to better communicate and we ask whether you should mask your email address to avoid spam.

Classic shows : 186. Mobile Web

On this week’s show: Brian Suda talks about the mobile web and Marcus suggests ways of responding to email inquires.

Classic shows : 185. Innovate

On this week’s show: We talk about Google Chrome Frame, how to be an innovator, and measuring the success of your website.

Classic shows : 184. HTML5

On this week’s show: We interview Jeremy Keith about the truth of HTML5 and Ryan Carson shares some more advice about building your own web application.

Classic shows : 183. Inspired

On this week’s show: Paul shares 3 ways to make your site stand out from the crowd. Matt Curry introduces us to Google website optimiser and Lyle Barras reviews Dropbox.

Classic shows : 182. North and South

On this week’s show: Molly talks about the future of web standards. Paul explains the differences between print and the web, and Ryan asks if job titles matter.

Classic shows : 181. Interview or death

On this week’s show: how to avoid design by committee, why you shouldn’t bother submitting to Digg and how to specialise in being a generalist.

Classic shows : 180. Backend

On this week’s show: The Northeners are joined by the Headscape duo Craig and Dave. We talk about why you should care about .NET MVC and answer your questions about managing your code and friendly URLs.

Classic shows : 179. Affordance

On this week’s show: Ryan and Stanton are back and we are joined by Mr Marcus Lillington! We talk to Dan Rubin about making your interface invisible and answer your questions about working on multiple projects at the same time.

Classic shows : 178. Bad Blogging

On this week’s show: We look at the harsh truths of corporate blogging, ask how luxury products can be sold online and discuss whether it is the role of a web designer to challenge a client’s business model.

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