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Boagworld is not just my blog; its a community of designers, developers and website owners who support one another. One of the ways we do that is by answering each other questions. If you have a question about any aspect of the web or digital strategy, ask it here. Alternatively check out the existing questions and add your answer to the mix.

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Question & Answers: How to help stakeholders who don’t know they need help

I’ve tried to ask colleagues/stakeholders about what laborious tasks they do that could be aided by a function of the website and they have no ideas or feedback.

Please can you give me some examples of website functions that have been used in the past to successfully aid offline business?


Question & Answers : Managing client images

I’m looking for a good Mac app to help me catalogue last quantities of images. Images would be stored on our server, but added via our Macs – we receive a lot of images from clients and need to be able to retrieve them quickly when asked. So we’d love a Mac app that we could drop a load of images onto, it would copy them to our server, and prompt us to tag them with keywords (client, keywords, project, date) and then it would do all the rest. Then we could search using the app and up come the pictures.

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