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If it’s shiny and new then you can guarantee I will be playing with it. From new web apps to the latest hardware and software, I share those little discoveries that make a web users life easier. You will find something in this section whether you are a designer, developer or website owner.

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Better UX: Breaking conventions

Working with the Broads Authority has shown that it’s okay to break convention, as long as it is done with care and attention to detail.

Reviews : What is happening at Adobe?

Adobe is one of the biggest creators of web designer software and yet they are sending very mixed messages to the web design community.

Reviews : Remote working as a team with Sqwiggle

Remote working as a team can be challenging without those creative, casual conversations that spontaneously emerge in an office environment. Fortunately there is a tool that brings those conversations to the virtual world.

Reviews : A life to inspire us all

Today is Father’s Day and so I wanted to introduce you to my dad. Before you stop reading and think this is not worth your attention, think again.

Reviews : Mogworld brightened my world

If you have ever played an MMO like World of Warcraft or enjoyed the tongue in cheek fantasy of Terry Pratchett, then you should buy Mogworld.

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