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If it’s shiny and new then you can guarantee I will be playing with it. From new web apps to the latest hardware and software, I share those little discoveries that make a web users life easier. You will find something in this section whether you are a designer, developer or website owner.

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Better UX: Breaking conventions

Working with the Broads Authority has shown that it’s okay to break convention, as long as it is done with care and attention to detail.

Reviews : Top design tip for designing in the browser

There is an increasing movement to put aside photoshop or fireworks and design directly in the browser. However, this can be difficult without the benefits of a strong grid system. This tip will help.

Mobile : My Favourite iPhone Applications

I often get asked what my favourite iPhone applications are. Its hardly surprising considering the excessive number of application I buy and the amount I go on about it. I therefore thought it was about time that I compiled a list of my favourites.

Reviews : Coda

Find out why I am seriously considering abandoning the code editor I have been using for over a decade in favour of Coda for the mac.

Reviews : Top Geek Gifts

So this holiday season (previously known as Christmas), what gifts would you recommend others buy for the geek in their life? Here are my top 10…

Reviews : Ecommerce quick order

A get a steady trickle of emails asking about the application of ‘web 2.0.’ How do the cool things we see on the trendy new generation of sites apply to the everyday web projects we are involved with?

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