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One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is learning new things and then communicating that to others. I have been privileged enough to travel all over the world talking about every conceivable aspect of web design from accessibility to working with clients. In this section I bring together a small selection of those talks and make them available.

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Talks: The past and future of web design

What were the early days of web design like? What about the future? How do you start out and stay up-to-date in such a rapidly evolving industry? These and other questions I explore in an interview with smashing Magazine.

Talks : Running a successful web design business

Running a web design business can be an isolating and challenging role. I therefore run a workshop to give a chance for business owners to come together and discuss these challenges.

Talks : Running a successful web design business

Being your own boss does not always live up to our expectations. Often it feels like your company runs you rather than the other way round. Fortunately there are things you can do to make life better.

Digital Strategy : Fight the System Presentation

Do you work as part of an in-house web team? Are there days when even superman would fail to overcome the politics and bureaucracy? Watch my ‘fighting the system’ presentation and learn the super powers required to push your web projects through.

Talks : No Money, No Matter

As we begin to feel the fallout of the econmic crisis and some organisations cut funding for their websites, how can we be more effective in the way we work.

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