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A successful website has to be about more than pretty design or even fulfilling business objectives. A successful website has to meet the needs of users. Customer service and usability lies at the heart of differentiating yourself from the competition. However, a great user experience doesn’t just meet user needs, it also nudges them in the right direction to ensure an outcome that benefits both the user and your business.

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Better UX : Handling error pages

No matter how well built your website is there is no avoiding the fact that sometimes the page a user is looking for just can’t be found. What matters is how you handle the problem when it occurs.

Better UX : Three secrets to simplicity

Many website owners damage their sites by continually adding features and content when they should be simplifying. In this post I reveal why that happens and how to simplify your website.

Better UX : Dealing with SPAM

My contact form receives a lot of unwanted email. Which method do you recommend using to keep bots and spammers away?

Better UX : Does the fold matter?

A lot of emphasis is put on having important website information above the “fold”. Do you think this really matters?

Better UX : Give your users some positive feedback

I am currently in the process of writing a post for Smashing Magazine about the importance of providing users with positive feedback. I won’t pre-empt the article here, but I did want to share …

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