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A successful website has to be about more than pretty design or even fulfilling business objectives. A successful website has to meet the needs of users. Customer service and usability lies at the heart of differentiating yourself from the competition. However, a great user experience doesn’t just meet user needs, it also nudges them in the right direction to ensure an outcome that benefits both the user and your business.

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Better UX : The New UX Skill

With “Client Centric Web Design” soon to be released the subject matter is at the fore of my mind. As a result I am seeing the themes covered in the book popping up everywhere. The latest…

Better UX : Watch out for the what if!

Its easy when working on a website to get bogged down by the “what ifs.” Take for example the “estimated reading time” message at the start of this post. What if somebody does…

Better UX : Don't limit your options when wireframing

When it comes to wireframing it's time to branch out. Too many of us wireframe two or three versions of a page template before giving up. A better approach is to sketch out as many different versions …

Better UX : Responsive Design Sketchbook

I really like the look of this carefully thought out sketch pad: I can imagine how this could benefit the…

Better UX : Does your labelling cause confusion?

I find it fascinating to watch users interact with navigation on websites. In particular, I am always interested in how users react when they encounter a term they do not understand. Unclear labellin…

Better UX : Give users a sense of control

I am really impressed by for numerous reasons, not least of which is the sense of control you have over your orders. Control empowers users and gives them confidence when using your website.…

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