Podcast 37: Design process

This week on boagworld.com, Paul and Marcus look at designing for content management systems, how to develop a design from scratch and a great introduction to standards based development.


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Paul’s approach to design

In response to a question from Liz, Paul discusses the way he approaches producing a new design. From establishing initial page elements through to early sketches, Photoshop mock-ups and final HTML build, Paul works through his entire process.

Paul and Marcus also discuss an excellent post where another web designer lays out his process through a series of screen grabs.

Techno-buster: The importance of testing

Following a suggestion by Rosie, Paul and Marcus talk about the importance of testing and how it is an area that is often overlooked, to the detriment of many web projects. They discuss who should test, what should be tested and the different levels of support afforded to different browsers.

Designing for content management systems

This week’s main topic is about designing for a content management system and the unique challenges this holds. The conversation largely revolves around the issues covered in Paul’s previous post on the subject.

Read, Design for your CMS

We resource review

This week’s recommended site is “A beginners guide to CSS and standards“.  This excellent step-by-step tutorial is a superb introduction into building websites the right way. For too long there has been no  clear introduction into web standards and this certainly fills in the gap nicely. Not as good or comprehensive as Ian Lloyds book on the subject. It is nevertheless an excellent start.

  • John

    Another fun podcast, thanks guys.
    There was discussion on a comments threat, or perhaps it was actually in the podcast, a while back about a tool for checking sites on PC IE if you design using a Mac without using Bootcamp.
    To this end I found this link:
    It actually shows how the site looks on IE7, so possibly useful to PC people too.
    On the same site there is also a tool to check your site in Safari, but I think this one is better because it does not have the wait time.
    Hope someone finds this useful.

  • Frank

    Pretty please can you guys leave your mobile’s at your desk as for the past couple of issues they have interfered with the recording mic’s.
    It was really obvious at the start of this one (before the ambulance went past)
    Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.boagworld.com Paul Boag

    Ah yes your right. Do you know I never noticed that. Willl make sure the mobiles are completely off next time. Of course I will probably have to pry it out of Marcus’ dead cold hand.

  • http://dennisbloete.de Dennis

    good show, I really like and enjoy it everytime – not always the most informative, but nevertheless a very fine podcast to listen to :)
    Talking about Content Management Systems I wondered if you have heard of Typo3 (typo3.org), because it doesn’t have many of the mentioned issues.. since Version 4 the code output complies Web Standards and the Rich Text Editor (or WYSIWYG) validates the input before saving.
    What CMS do you use? Am I right remembering, that you once said you ae using a selfcoded CMS?
    Bye and thanks again for the show,
    Dennis :)

  • http://www.boagworld.com Paul Boag

    “Not always the most informative” whatever do you mean?!
    Typo3 sounds interesting. Not something I have encountered before.
    As for your question as to what CMS we use. Well we have our own internal system that acts as a code base we customise for each client but we dont use that all the time. Only where appropriate.

  • Cd0MaN

    Just a quick link so that Marcus doesn’t run out of jokes ;)

  • http://www.liptrot.org Adam

    The dangers of listening in the car – I almost pulled over when that ambulance went past your office!

  • http://blog.jploh.com/ JP Loh

    WMP feels like it’s pronounced as WIMP.