Show 67: No Show

Hello and welcome to what should be the 67th episode of, the podcast for all those involved in designing, developing and running websites on a daily basis. However, unfortunately there will be no show this week.


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Following the success of the client’s corner section of the show Marcus feels that he should have a high profile within the podcast. He has therefore asked that the show be renamed MarcusWorld and that he gets to go on all of the jollies and conferences instead of me. Unsurprisingly, I am uncomfortable with the arrangement feeling that this undermines the hard work I have put in to build up the boagworld brand.

The situation has reached a loggerhead where neither I nor Marcus are willing to continue with the show until the issue is resolved. We are currently in mediation and hope to resolve the problem shortly.

Go on admit it, I had you going for a moment there didn’t i! No the real reason for there being no show this week is that I am currently off of work and our workloads are too extreme to reschedule.

However, rest assured we will be back next week with a bumper episode. If you are new to the show then you can listen to our back catalogue. If you are a regular listener then you will have to get your boagworld fix by replaying this message 100 times.

Thanks for listening and speak to you soon.

  • Adenrele Ladejobi

    Hi Guys,
    I dont know whats happening, but please settle this quickly, I live by listening to you guys…….

  • Adenrele Ladejobi

    I really was taken in……

  • presentday

    i’m sure it’s nothing that serious and they’ll be back next week. cheers!

  • Tuna

    Isn’t the real reason your sick as a dog and have an awful flu.. . and being the nice chappie that you are you don’t want to infect the Boag Borgs :)
    Or you have killed Marcus for rebelling and chopped him up and flushed him down the loo. :)

  • Joe Aston

    “The situation has reached a loggerhead where neither I nor Marcus are willing to continue with the show until the issue is resolved. We are currently in mediation and hope to resolve the problem shortly.”
    Hope you guys can get on top of your work. At just 18, I already know what that’s like.

  • Alejandro

    I just wanted to let you know that the work of both its awsome and I really admire both of you, for your courage and persistant work, i hope everything its just a misundersanting and something that could be resolved talking.
    Please dont let this increbile show finish or loose its great energy!!!

  • Paul Boag

    lol… I cant believe how many of you are not listening to this properly and think we are serious! Classic!
    The truth is I am off work ill and we are just swamped with work so decided to take a week off of the show.

  • Ryan Behrman

    Oh just kiss and make up. Please.

  • Ryan Townsend

    Paul, you scared the hell out of me! Thought it could be the end of Boagworld! I had to get a glass of water and lie down for a while to overcome the shock. Thank god I listened to the end, might have passed out otherwise.

  • Jason

    You did have me going there. I’m not sure how you could keep a straight face while saying that. I would have laughed half way through.
    Good one! Hope to hear from you next week.

  • NGrover

    Indeed, one never knows what they have taken for granted until it’s gone. The show must go on! Having said that I just spent the last three months listening to every episode from the beginning…. now that I’m caught up this might be good chance to give my ears a well deserved break ;) My wife is starting to think I’m odd for busting out british words like “Drivel”, “Woolly”, “Tosser” and “Waffling”. Thanks for the show guys, even though I’m a programmer and not a designer I still find your podcast relevant and enlightening.

  • Podcast Junky

    … totally… 100% taken in :-) Excellent!
    Regards to all
    Podcast Junky

  • Iain

    heh heh. The best bit is it was only the /last/ show that you emphasised that a podcast should always be done no matter what as your audience expect it. :-) Get out your sick bed dammit! Be a man!
    Seriously though, hope you feel better RSN.

  • Iain

    Forgot to ask, has Marcus remixed the theme music? The snare’s sounded higher in the mix in the last podcast?

  • James

    I think we may be missing a serious point. Now Paul has raised the issue, Marcusworld does have a certain ring to it and you have to admit there’s nothing more fun than a good contract!
    Personally, I found playing it 100 times excessive, since this episode was 1:18 minutes and the average of the last 5 episodes is 47:46. So I stopped after 36.74 cycles. I’ve been wondering lately whether I’ve got too much time on my hands?
    Great show, sorry you couldn’t make it this week, but if you have to make excuses you might as well do it with style.

  • Andi

    But… but… but I NEED my Boagworld fix! My hands are already starting to ssshhhakkke. I don’t know if I can make it another week without you guys!
    Seriously, feel better soon, Paul! And I’ll be waiting with bated breath for next week’s episode. This podcast is one of the few things that keeps me sane. Well, somewhat sane. :-)

  • LearningWebStandards

    In the beginning, there was…..
    And then, there came forth…..
    Keep this up guys and we’ll have a great Web Design galaxy very soon :)

  • http://none Annoyed

    You are sooo lazy!!

  • Mark

    I think Marcus is correct he should take over :)

  • Stoo

    lol you utter utter b****** :) Had me going there… DOH!
    Looking forward to next week…
    PS… do you outsource design work? (Touting for business as I’m looking to drop the day job and step out on my own full time… eek!)

  • Codie Morgan

    First time commenting on site… But I have stalked you guys from the shadows for over a year!
    Good thing the show goes on….

  • Eric Gauvin

    Been away for a while, so I’m catching up. What happened to the nice illustration you used to have? That was one of the best parts of your site.