Web Design Podcast (15) – Project Management

Project management lies at the heart of a successful web project. This week Paul and Marcus discuss project management and look at was to ensure your web projects run smoother.


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Whether you are a manager working with in house developers, a client commissioning a third party design agency or a freelance web designer working on a site, it is vital that you have good project management processes in place.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Setting success criteria
  • Writing statements of work
  • Handling disputes
  • Managing changes
  • Setting milestones
  • Running kick off meetings
  • Ensuring successful sign off

However, most of all we look at ensuring good communication between client, developer and designer to ensure successful completion of your site.

Boagworld.com news

The boagworld.com podcast will stop over the Christmas break with our last show going out on the 12th December. We will start again on the 9th January 2006.

Design 101 Podcast

The next episode goes out on the week beginning the 5th December and will provide an introduction to front end interface design. If you have any questions or comments on this subject make sure you email them to Paul before this date

Christmas special

Our final podcast of 2005 will air on the week beginning the 12th December and is our Christmas special. I hope that this will be largely based on your feedback. We are looking to cover:

  • Your top 5 favourite new sites of 2005
  • Your top 5 web developments of 2005
  • The top 5 things that annoy you about the web
  • Examples of the worst Christmas sites you can find (extra points if you built it yourself!)

Please email your votes to Paul before the 5th December.

  • http://teachtopia.com Jody Weissler

    Wrote before about how I really enjoy your podcast.
    Soon I am going to FTP the implementations of many of the suggestions you have given your listeners to my sites.
    Great content on each podcast and somehow your podcast do help me go to sleep at night as well..
    Wondering if you could explain how (as a podcast feature)
    how Marcus Lillington went from being a guitarist for Breathe (2 major hits in the U.S.) to Web Design?
    Maybe you could do this during in lieu of the crazy U.S. laws one show?

  • joe

    I thought this podcast was great! I do have one question though. Once the project is won when is the client paying? In other words at what point does the client put down some money for the job? Also how much money is paid, percentage wise? Like 25% at the signing of the contract and the rest when the deliverables are received?

  • http://www.boagworld.com Paul Boag

    To be honest this is negotiated with the client on a case by case basis however normally we look for somekind of payment up front, followed by a middle payment attached to a specfic milestone and then the rest on completion.

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  • David Bardwell

    I’ve been trying to find some Microsoft Project plan templates for web design projects. Have you guys ever tried using this software for web projects? I liken developing a web design project plan to planning the weather–but I’d still like to get my hands on some templates if you or any of your listeners know where I find one. Thanks.

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    Fast and simple, very effective when you need to share/communicate task data to your team members/clients without the cost of extra Microsoft Project Licences.