Web design podcasts directory

Jonas, one of the readers of boagworld.com has been kind enough to produce a list of all the web design podcasts he could currently find online.

If you have heard any of these podcasts and want to write a review, add it to the comments section of this post.

So you are responsible for your organisation’s web site. This podcast aims to provide news and advice on web design and management without overwhelming you with techno babble!

Web 2.0
A podcast about the "new" web.

Podcast series on all topics relating to web development.

Tackles all things AJAX related

Effective website secrets
Is your website effective? The fact is most are not. Learn from experienced web template designers what it takes to develop an effective website. It’s not all about design. That’s the easy part!

21st century channel for Web Developers & Designers, covering topics like Client-Side & Server-Side development, web design, and authoring tools like Macromedia, Adobe, and indepedant or open-source tools.

Wise Talk
Original marketing and tech-savvy tips from Icon Interactive

Web Axe
The only podcast dedicated soley to website accessibility

creativecomponent.com mobile podcast a-go-go
Open discussion on web design & development, marketing, photography and recording — all from the road.

If you know of any that Jonas has missed, post a link to them in the comments.

  • http://www.lucentminds.com/ Scott

    I enjoy listening to the beatniks over at WebDevRadio. I also listen to the Effective website secrets. The host always sounds nervous and often has trouble compiling her thoughts. :)
    There’s also Build your own website. He’s an older guy with a very uniqe point of view on webdesign. His organization skills are good for his website, however the colors are an acquired taste. :)
    I also listen to Radio GoDaddy and The Web Hosting Show. These aren’t web design podcasts but are and interesting listen for those who work on websites.

  • Dee

    I listen to Effective Website Secrets, Media Artists, SearchEngineWatch and GoDaddy Radio. All are excellent shows packed with fantastic information for serious webmasters – not just design related. SEW is my 1st choice with EWS running a close 2nd.
    Can’t say as I agree with Scott who appears to maybe have a hidden agenda in his comment (his site is an affiliate of another template design firm who is notorious for fat graphic designs). :) Granted it is obvious the EWS host isn’t a pro radio announcer and the shows are non-scripted, audio needs cleaned up, but that’s what makes the show real and the shows contains honest info that flies in the face of most template designers I’ve been involved with.
    My pet podcast peeve are those that have long, drawn out intro with the host(s) goofing off with private jokes that waste my time. Most are not funny at all. I’m not into listening to webmaster related radio shows because I have nothing better to do. My time is valuable so going on about personal stuff that most people don’t care about isn’t what I’d consider time well spent.

  • http://webdevradio.com Michael Kimsal

    Hey all:
    Thanks for the mention of webdevradio.com. It looks like Jonas put together a pretty good list. I’d probably add polymorphicpodcast.com to the list. Although it’s not specifically ‘web’ only, it’s .NET related, which includes ASP.NET. It’s more a general software development series, but certainly most professional web developers can get useful information from it, even if they’re not in the .NET world.
    I’m not sure why people would think of webdevradio as ‘beatniks’, but I’ve been called much worse! :)

  • Ed

    Just spotted another one: “flytecast: web strategies for small business”.
    Their tag line is “at flyte we don’t build web sites, we build businesses”. Seems they have discussed SEO and email lists so far, but I’ve not listened to it yet.

  • Ed

    I’m on a roll! Here is another: “Pro-PHP Podcast” claims to be “The First All-PHP Podcast”.

  • Ed

    The AIGA is “the professional association for design, is committed to furthering excellence in design as a broadly-defined discipline, strategic tool for business and cultural force”
    They have a AIGA Podcast now too. They’ve talked to people such as Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer!

  • Ed

    “Brainstorms and Raves” – “almost daily notes about web design, development,
    standards, typography, music, and anything else” uses talkr to create a podcast version of the main blog.

  • Ed

    Not specifically web design only, the BFBS2 Multimedia podcast at http://www.bfbs2.com/mm.xml covers other IT things too.

  • Ed

    The Web Standards Group podcast is another web design podcast!

  • http://72works.com Business Woman

    It seems to be a very good list and I think t might be helpful to a lot of people.

  • Ruth

    It’s not a regular podcast but they’re still adding to the Web Essentials 2005 feed and it’s well worth downloading the whole thing, several hours of very informative presentations http://we05.com/
    Also if you’re into Ruby on Rails there’s a podcast for that too http://podcast.rubyonrails.org/

  • http://www.stardust-design.co.uk Daniel

    Hi Paul,
    Just came across another podcast, based around product management: http://pmpodcast.blogspot.com/.
    In the latest episode it’s also got a review of boagworld, although i haven’t listened to it yet.

  • http://www.boagworld.com Paul Boag

    Yeah I have listened to it and its very nice about it. Although I think our humour goes over the guys head lol

  • http://www.macx.de macx

    The first Podcast about Webstandards in german language is Technikwuerze at http://www.technikwuerze.de.

  • http://www.webblastonline.com Janko

    A podcast about the creative part of webdesigning. To be found at http://www.webblastonline.com or in itunes.
    If you have a psp and like to use that to listen to webblast, surf to: http://www.webblastonline.com/psp
    Webblast is your audio source for cool webdesign, online trends and visual communication.

  • Ed

    I must admit, I’ve only just found the first two of these, so haven’t listened to them and can’t guarantee the quality of their content, but they seem to be web-design based:
    Geeks and God
    The Coldfusion Podcast
    The Practical Web Design magazine podcast
    I have listened to the last one – it is good.

  • Ed

    The Vitamin feed also has web design audio content enclosed.

  • Ed

    Also worth a listen is Web Standards with Imagination with Dustin Diaz.

  • Ed

    Another recent addition: eBiz VodCast: “a weekly video podcast covering e-commerce web site design and management”. Again, I’ve not had time to take a proper look at it yet, but I hear it is quite good.

  • Ed

    The ptbguy podcast, from ptvguy.com – also just found this one!

  • Ed

    creativexpert.com seems to have some web stuff too – including an interview with some bloke called Paul Boag.

  • Ed

    and who could forget the infamous 101 web design show?

  • http://praca.owi.pl Praca Oferty

    Thanks ed for links! they’re very usefull

  • http://www.claimid.com/edwardross Ed

    You’re welcome Praca. It’s amazing to see how many web design podcasts have popped up since Paul decided to start his!

  • http://www.ebizvodcast.tv Eric Anderson

    Thanks for the mention, Ed. I can only speak for myself, but Paul was a major part of the inspiration for me to start my video podcast. If you haven’t yet, take a listen!

  • http://www.malistic.com fred

    very VERY nice stuff..!
    Malistic Media

  • Ed

    Glad to help guys!
    Another new one:
    The @media 2006 talks feed.

  • Ed

    Another new web design podcast has popped up: The HTML Show.

  • Ed

    Using the ReadSpeaker PodCaster program, which turns text to speech, the 456 Berea Street Podcast is an audio version of the usual site.

  • Ed

    The WordPress podcast features news about, well, WordPress!

  • Ed

    The Everything TypePad feed now functions as a podcast too!

  • http://www.podcastner.de Sascha

    Not the most of you might speak German, but anyway… :-)
    On http://www.podcastner.de/ you can find a nice little Podcast with a similar concept then boagworld.

  • todd

    Hey Paul,
    Fantastic show. You are like the ricky gervais show of web design podcasts.
    One topic I hope you would consider for a future podcast is career trends in the business. I work in a large organization and I see a lot of confusion about the different roles involved in web design and management. I would love to hear what people think of the hottest areas to get into and the types of new roles that are coming onto the scene.
    Give it a thought. Thanks and keep up the good work.