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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Friday, 11th February, 2011

Content Strategy is about more than your website

If you want to sell content strategy into your organisation, social media might be the key.

Content Strategy:
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It can be frustratingly hard to convince clients and senior management of the need to invest in their content. Although most organisations recognise the benefit of paying a web designer few seem willing to invest the same money in content as they do design.

One answer to this dilemma is to explain that having a content strategy is about more than just writing copy for your website. Most organisations believe they have people who can write copy. However fewer believe they have a firm grasp of social media despite recognising its huge potential. By demonstrating that content strategy is about communication across all digital mediums you are significantly more likely to find management willing to invest in your content.

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For me Jeremy Baldwin sums this up perfectly in “content strategy: no longer just the preserve of the web professional” when he says:

The rise of the social web and democratisation of content creation, calls for a new breed of content strategist, one that is dedicated to monitoring, aggregating, contributing and shaping content about the brand in all its digital guises.

Perhaps it is time for us to stop referring to content strategy only in the context of websites, but instead embrace its wider role across the whole of the web and even off-line.

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