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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Monday, 14th November, 2011

The challenge of context in modern UX design

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I was chatting with @bobscape this morning about a talk outline he has written (see below) and it struck me just how complex modern UX design is becoming now that the context users are interacting in is so varied. We have some serious challenges ahead.

With the rise of mobile we, as web designers, now have a few more things to worry about. No longer can we simply concern ourselves with browsers and screen resolutions. These are not the only things that impact how our design will be accessed. Now the physical environment in which our UX is used plays a huge role in the design process.

Web design is not just about building websites. Its about providing relevant content and functionality within the context users are accessing our services. In this talk Rob looks at how to understand your users context and the potential implications for the services that we provide.

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