Why does your intranet suck?

Paul Boag

Why are companies quite happy to invest in the design of their websites, but think the intranet is unimportant? Is an intranet really less important?

Just a short audio post today. One to get you thinking before I post more extensively on the subject later in the week.

Why doesn’t your company invest in its intranet to the same extent it does in its website?

I am not talking about technology. Companies seem happy to spend money on intranet software like Sharepoint. I am talking about user interface design.

Does your intranet not have a user interface? Are all your employees happy to deal with poorly designed, overly complex interfaces? Is their time not important?

Obviously, the main reason for this lack of investment is because intranets are not considered as valuable as the website, but is that really true?

Before I write more fully on this subject, I would like to hear your experiences of intranet design in the comments. Are they really under-invested? What are the user experiences really like? And why won’t your company invest in its intranet?