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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Monday, 7th March, 2011

Create a website using Dropbox and a text editor

Whether it is for rapid prototyping or just to easily throw up a few thoughts online, the last tool you would think of is Dropbox. However its now possible using Droppages.

Development Mobile:
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I love some of the insane creativity that spews forth from some of the staff at Headscape. Take for example Dave McDermid (one of our very talented developers). After a hard day coding Headscape it goes home and starts on various personal projects such as his crusade to create a mobile interface to his bank account despite the horrendous security implications!

Setting aside his semi-legal behaviour in recently came up with what I think is a great little idea.

We all love Dropbox

Dropbox seems to be everywhere these days an integrated into every conceivable application. People use Dropbox to sync files between computers, back up crucial data online and even as a version control system.

Even though overpriced in many ways, it is simple and easy-to-use and save my asked a number of times.

dropbox logo

However despite its power and flexibility it would never occurred to me in 100 years to use it as a lightweight content management system. Dave on the other hand didn’t just think it he built it.

Enter Droppages

By simply creating a Dropbox folder that you then share with Droppages you can quickly throw together a working website using just text files and folders. Even better you can fully customise the look and feel using CSS and some very simple templating.

Why Droppages

For me Droppages opens up a lot of possibilities. It is ideal for small lightweight sites that can be quickly deployed. It is also brilliant for creating wireframe prototypes to use in testing. It offers incredible speed and requires no faffing around with FTP or login details. Best of all because it uses Dropbox your entire website is back up and has pretty good version control in case you need to roll back a page.

Oh yes and because Dropbox is integrated into hundreds of applications, you can edit your site from a variety of mobile applications for website announcements on the move :)

Elements for the iPhone

Try Droppages for yourself

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