Should web professionals all be able to code?

It has long been a point of contention as to whether designers should be able to code, but what about other web professionals. Should everybody from content strategists to project managers be able to write at least basic HTML?


As part of our season of debate topics on the Boagworld podcast we are proposing the following…

This house proposes that all those involved in the creation of a website should have at least basic coding skills.

Do you agree? If so, why? If not, what is your reasoning? Let us know in the comments, but remember, sitting on the fence is not allowed. You are either for the proposal or against it.

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  • richarddale

    I definitely think mobile sites have their place. Many of the sites I built prior to RWD, static sites that view great on desktop and tablet. Its only when you get down to smart phone size that things start to break down. For many of these sites a mobile specific site would probably work better than a RWD site where I could be more focused and target the medium specifically.

    I did a RWD e-commerce website recently and although the end results were good, trying to get the shopping basket working and looking correct whilst being responsive was a nightmare and I couldn’t help but think that a mobile specific site would have been a better solution. When I browse the web using my iPad Air I never visit a fix width website and think this is a poor user experience why don’t they have a RWD site. I ony ever think this when on my iPhone.