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Hire us

I love writing and speaking but nothing beats working with people on their web projects. Whether it is a full blown rebuild or 30 minutes of consultancy, I would love to hear how we could work together.

You have a web project

If you have a web project, whether it be a site redesign, web application or some other part of your web strategy, I can help. Strictly speaking Headscape can help as they are the web design company I co-founded.

Headscape undertakes some pretty challenging stuff. In fact we pride ourselves on taking complex web projects and coming up with simple, elegant solutions. We work on everything from large government websites to multi-million pound ecommerce sites. Whatever the project we have a single aim, make sure that your site generates a healthy return on investment.

Contact us via the Headscape website

You would like me to speak

Talking about my experiences with the web is one of the favourite parts of my job. Whether it be on a massive stage in the states or running a private workshop for one of our clients, it’s always great fun.

If you are considering asking me to speak you might want to watch a few examples before getting in touch.

Ask me to speak

You need some advice

If you are a web designer or website owner, it helps to have an outside perspective. I provide that perspective by advising on web strategy or even how to run a successful web design businesses. If you are interested, there are two options available:

Consultancy through Headscape

Larger companies who needs help with their web strategy should consider a consultancy project with Headscape. We can provide competitive analysis, expert reviews and heuristic reviews. We also carry out usability testing, stakeholder interview and web strategy workshops.

A Consultancy Clinic

If you just need a fresh perspective and informal chat, then book a consultancy clinic. A 30 minute or hour-long chat is often enough to provide a new direction and focus.

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