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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Friday, 5th June, 2009

Consultancy clinic twitter competition

Win a 30 minute consultancy clinic conversation with me worth £54.

Marketing News:
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I am pleased to announce that the winner of our first consultancy clinic twitter competition is @SimonFrank for the Wildlife Aid website.

As you may or may not know Headscape runs regular consultancy clinics. Although we also provide more traditional consultancy services, we recognised that sometimes all people need is a chat over the phone (or skype) to point them in the right direction. The idea was to make access to expert advice affordable to everybody.

Consultancy Clinic Website

In a rather shameless and transparently obvious attempt to promote the service, we are running a consultancy clinic competition over twitter. To win a 30 minute free clinic with me simply tweet the following…

I want s0me free web consultancy for this url [insert your website] #freeclinic (

If copying and pasting is too much like hard work, you could just use this pre-filled Twitter post. You may need to use a URL shortening service to get your website address to fit!

Although I would like you to include a URL your consultancy session doesn’t have to be a review of your site. As it says on the consultancy clinic website...

In your call the consultant can review websites, discuss strategy and answer any web related question you have.

It is entirely up to you.

I will pick a winner on Monday 8th June. I will let the winner know by DM on Twitter, so make sure you are following me.

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