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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Monday, 28th February, 2011

Are you going to SXSW?

If you are attending this years SXSW conference in Austin Texas then I would love to meet up.

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SXSW Interactive is 5 days of the world’s biggest web design conference. With hundreds of panels and thousands of attendees it is a must attend event if you can make it to Austin Texas.

The guys from Boagworld and Headscape have been there for a number of years now and this year is no exception. Its not only a great place to learn about the latest web techniques, its also simply the best place to meet new people and hang out with your favourite web celeb.

It is the meeting people that I enjoy most about SXSW. The talks are great but nothing beats meeting new people and discovering we all suffer from the same challenges in our jobs.

Unfortunately because SXSW is so mad it can be hard to arrange meetups. However, if you are going to be there I would love to meet you. Fortunately there are three places I definitely know I will be if you fancy coming along and saying hello.

My talk

Guess I should probably turn up for my own talk so that is a good place to catch me. I will be speaking at 9:30am on Monday 14th March in Salon C at the Hilton Hotel.

The talk is on “Unbelievable eCommerce: Increase Sales By 10000%“. I am actually really pleased with the way it has turned out so its worth hearing. Entirely new content so if you have heard me speak before this is all new stuff.

For the complete rundown of what I will be covering visit the SXSW interactive website.

The live Boagworld Podcast

We are going to do a live Boagworld Show from SXSW to wrap up season one of the podcast. This will be a superb opportunity for us to have a chat. I am also thinking that after the event we could all go and get lunch somewhere if you are up for it.

Live Podcast recording at SXSW

The panel is going to made up of myself, Marcus, Rob from Headscape, Steve Krug and you. By you I mean we are going to keep one spot on the panel free and so if you feel particularly passionate about some aspect of our conversation we are going to get you up on stage to join us. Figured that would be fun.

Anyway the recording will happen Sunday March 13th at 11am in the Driskill hotel so make sure you come along. We need a good crowd :) I hate these things. They always feel like a damn popularity contest!

The Great British Boozeup

Finally I am definitely going to be at the Great British Boozeup and I will have all the time in the world to sit and chat.

Great British Boozeup

Although I am obviously bias, in my opinion the Great British Boozeup is the best party at SXSW. Its not as big and insane as some of them so its a great place to meet people and chat.

Free booze, good music and even better company… what more could you ask for?

Sign up to attend on Facebook (although you can also turn up on the door). Its going to a stonking evening.

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