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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Wednesday, 6th March, 2013

Bringing in business

Are you a freelancer? Do you struggle to bring in enough business to keep you busy? Are you doing okay today, but have concerns about the future? Well, I am running a workshop that will help.

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You maybe a coding ninja, have the artistic abilities of Picasso and the organisational skills of David Allen, but that doesn’t mean you will succeed as a freelancer. The reason? Nobody has ever heard of you.

Success in the world of web design (like most other spheres) is sadly not just about talent. It is also about exposure. It is not enough to just produce great work, you have to tell people about it too.

That is why the most successful workshop I have ever run is on marketing your web design skills.

This full day workshop teaches everything you need to know about marketing yourself or your products. Most importantly it will teach you how to bring in enough business that you can pick and choose clients.

Unfortunately I rarely have the time for running workshops these days. Lucky for you I am running it in Freiburg Germany on April 5th.

If this is something you might be interested in, check out the description below:

Whether we are launching a new app, promoting our business or thinking about our future career, we all have to be marketeers these days. From building personal brands to attracting users to your site, online marketing is increasingly important. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the budget for lavish online campaigns. However, using social media, free online tools and some hard work you can attract an audience and build a community.

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