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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Friday, 30th July, 2010

Web design news 02/08/10

This week: The 7 sins of web project management, Safari Extensions and Unicorn, an all-in-one validator from the W3C.

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The 7 sins of managing web projects

First up this week, Rob Mills weaves a web based version of the 7 deadly sins by creating the 7 sins of managing web projects and explains how your projects will run better if you avoid Pride (by not being ashamed to admit mistakes), Envy (by not stealing *too* many ideas from other sites), Gluttony (by not acquiescing to every single client demand), Lust (by sanity checking your work against the client brief), Anger (by planning properly to identify risk points), Greed (by delegating and not handling everything yourself) and Sloth (by motivating your team).

Safari Extensions

Safari 5 was released this week and now adds extension support into the mix. Built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript they allow you to extend the functionality of the Safari browser, much the way that Firefox, Opera and Chrome have done for a while. The Safari Extensions gallery has a growing selection to choose from, and the developer program allows you to develop your own.

W3C releases ‘Unicorn’, an all-in-one validator

The W3C validators remain one of the de-facto tools in the web developers toolbox, allowing us to check the validity of our code and fix any issues that are highlighted. Wether you’re checking the validity of markup, CSS or RSS, Unicorn rolls multiple validation tests into a single, easy interface and is inviting developers to enhance the service by creating new modules. Unicorn allows multiple tests to be performed on a given website address and collates the results, so you no longer have to do separate tests on your markup and CSS, for example.

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