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Classic shows : 168. Personality

Download this show. Launch our podcast player News Typekit – the messiah of web typography? There is some big news this week for those website owners and designers keen to use custom fonts on their websites. For the longest time web designers have been limited to a small subset of fonts that were known to be present on the majority of users PCs. Although CSS font stacks allowed designers to choose less common fonts, because they could spe…

Design : Combating design by committee

The problem is that it involves compromise. Everybody has a slightly different opinion and so the design is tweaked and tweaked in order to ensure everybody’s concerns are addressed. The result is inevitably a design that offends nobody but also fails to excite anybody. In short it creates unobtrusive design. Unobtrusive design does have its place. A mediocre design can still be very usable and can meet many of the needs of your target aud…

Better UX : Content is dead, long live context

The more I consider context the more I recognise its impact on every aspect of a website. Context affects design, usability, accessibility and content. Its influence is profound, and yet it is largely ignored by many web designers. But what is context when applied to a website? Its actually hard to define. It is easier to think in terms of the users context while access your website. Understanding this context affects how you design a site. We p…

News : GetSignOff goes public

Part of my reason for writing this post is obviously to pimp GetSignOff and to encourage you all to check it out. However, I also want to take a moment and reflect on the lessons learnt so far. This is Headscape’s first application and we have got some things right and some wrong. I wanted to share all that I have learnt. However, let me begin with the blatant advertising… What is GetSignOff? GetSignOff is an application aimed at web…

News : Headscape is recruiting (again!)

Yes I know, I am not supposed to be blogging at the moment. However, the reason I am not blogging is because we are so insanely busy. In order to get around this problem we are recruiting (yet again!). If you fancy the idea of working with the gang at Headscape then drop me an email. Here are the jobs… Information Architect We are currently looking for a smart, articulate Information Architect to work with our clients on initial stakeholde…

Classic shows : Show 89: 404

Download this show. Launch our podcast player Before we dive into today’s show I have a small request from you our loyal fans *cough*. As you may have noticed the show notes we produce for this podcast are a lot more comprehensive than once they were. They are almost a complete transcript, which is important to us because we want the show to be as accessible as possible. I have been contacted by a number of deaf users who are frustrated be…

Development : Technology demographics

Using information from the most recent UK census and data firm Experian, the researchers at UCL have created 23 "e-types". These 23 e-types are themselves organised into seven broader categories including: E-unengaged E-marginalised Becoming engaged E for entertainment and shopping E-independents Instrumental E-users E-business users E- experts However, the researchers have gone further than simply creating the 23 e-types. They have…

Classic shows : Show 102: Worktime blues

Download this show. Launch our podcast player News and events | Marcus Requirements capture | Paul: Spending the training budget | Roo Reynolds on virtual worlds | Question of the week News and events 10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers I know that many of the people that listen to the boagworld podcast are freelancers so I keep an eye out for stories that appeal to this group. I was therefore drawn to an article in my news reader ent…

Better UX : What goes into a user testing script

What should go in a usability test script? That largely depends on what you are testing. If you are testing design concepts then your testing will be limited to questions about the navigation and communication of core messages. You could carry out some flash testing but your options are fairly limited. However, if you are testing a wireframe or version of your site then more options are available. In such cases, the testing is about completion o…

Design : The process behind designing a website

As web designers we love to emphasise the creativity of designing a website. We often portray ourselves as artists who have a moment of creative inspiration and then spontaneously produce the perfect design. In reality design is a process that draws upon many tools and techniques. We use moodboards, stile tiles, wireframes, design testing, usability testing, split testing, element collages, design comps, prototypes and more. Design is also much…

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