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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Monday, 17th July, 2006

Podcast 43: The business of web design

In this week’s show, we cover: running a web design agency, what employers look for when hiring a web designer, the best stats package in the world, should we stop testing in IE 5, and running multiple versions of IE on a single PC.

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User questions: Running a web design company

This week’s show is a little different. We answer a series of questions from listeners about running a web design company. Questions include:

  • How do you go about pricing projects and in your experience what hidden costs are there?
  • How do you bill projects? Do you use payment points? Do you have different rates for different people? Do you charge by the day or by the hour?
  • What skills does a freelancer need beyond the basic CSS, HTML and graphical skills?
  • How do you assess potential web designers when hiring?
  • How do you manage a company that primarily works from home offices?
  • What is your number one tip for running a successful web design company?

In the news

There are some interesting news stories in this week’s show:


This week sees the launch of a new online stats tool. Nothing particularly newsworthy about that I hear you cry. Well actually there is. ClickTales has an awesome set of new tools including the ability to view flash movies of your user sessions.

Visit the ClickTales site

Read the techcrunch review of the service

Gerry McGovern speaks out

This week sees the posting of an excellent article by usability guru, Gerry McGovern. Gerry gives a gentle reminder to all designers not to forget the basics of web design in our rush to implement the latest cool piece of technology.

Read Gerry’s Article

Read my response to his comments

The end of support for Windows 98

Microsoft has finally decided to stop supporting windows 98. On the show, we discuss the ramifications of this for web designers. Is now the time for us to stop, by default, testing in IE 5?

IE 7 Beta 3

It looks like the third beta of IE 7 is facing some problems. Users have been reporting a plethora of bugs including problems with installation and slow performance. Could this spell a delay in launch?


In this week’s show, we look at your options for testing in multiple version of IE on the same PC. In particular, we focus in on running free virtual machines either using VMware or Microsoft Virtual PC.

For more, view my post; Why IE doesn’t play nicely.

Download any version of IE (or indeed any other browser) from Evolt.

Also in the show…

Paul talks about the need to develop in compliant browsers first. Marcus shares his thoughts on presenting your proposals and we both discuss the new look and feel for boagworld.

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