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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Saturday, 17th September, 2005

What is podcasting?

It occurred to me that many of the people who read this blog might not yet have tried podcasting. As more and more of my efforts are going into this area I thought I would write a few lines about podcasting and how to start listening.

Classic shows:
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What is podcasting?

Podcasts cover every conceivable subject from science fiction to knitting and so offer a much wider range of subjects than commercial radio.

Okay let’s start at the basics so nobody gets left out. The best way to think of a podcast is an on-demand radio show. The majority of these shows are talk shows rather than music. This is largely due to problems with copyright when it comes to playing music. Of course, many podcasts play new music where copyright is not an issue.

Podcasts cover every conceivable subject from science fiction to knitting and so offer a much wider range of subjects than commercial radio.

How does it work?

A podcast is an MP3 file that has been recorded by the owner of the podcast. He uploads the file onto a web server and people download and listen to it. However, to avoid people having to constantly look to see if there is a new MP3 file you can "subscribe" to a podcast using various podcast software. This software is then informed byRSS when the latest episode is released.

How do I listen?

I would recommend that the simplest approach is to listen using a music player with integrated podcast facilities such as iTunes. However, in theory it is possible to listen to a podcast on any player that allows you to play MP3 files.

How do I find podcasts to listen to?

iTunes has a built in podcast directory but there are also many others available, many of which are considerably better. Take for example Podcast Alley and Odeo both of which allow you to vote on your favourite podcast as well as listen to the podcast online without downloading it.

What about the boagworld.com podcast

The boagworld.com podcast is aimed at those who design, develop or project manage websites and covers many of the same issues as this blog.

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