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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Tuesday, 22nd December, 2009

Vimeo: Lessons in customer care and community

In my post I shared my negative experiences with Vimeo. In this video I look at the lessons we can all learn about handling customers and engaging with communities.

The estimated time to read this article is 2 minutes

I believe in learning from every experience whether positive or negative. I therefore thought it only appropriate to ask myself what I (and by extension every other website owner) can learn from the mistakes of Vimeo.

And of course I simply had to share my thoughts in a ‘non commercial’ video format ;-)

You can read my original Vimeo post here.

Alternatives to Vimeo

Several people have asked me where they can move their videos to avoid Vimeo’s draconian and erratic policies.

If you video is truly ‘non-commerical’ and your concern is not Vimeo’s commercial policy but its limitations on where your video can be displayed then I would recommend Viddler.

However, if like me some of your videos do have commercial content then I would recommend Vzaar which is essentially Vimeo for business. That is where I have moved and have so far been impressed.


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