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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Tuesday, 23rd October, 2007

Ecommerce quick order

A get a steady trickle of emails asking about the application of ‘web 2.0.’ How do the cool things we see on the trendy new generation of sites apply to the everyday web projects we are involved with?

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I believe that almost any site can benefit from technologies such as AJAX and Javascript. These technologies and websites offer an improved user experience that can help even the most inexperienced of web user. In this video I show how the lessons learnt from the new generation of website can be applied even to the over 60s market where Internet experience is minimal.

The video is best viewed full screen. Click on the menu option and then on the icon in the top right of the video. Alternatively pop over to the Wiltshire Farm Foods website and try the quick order facility yourself.

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