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Case study in best practice

In this season we turn the theoretical into the practical when we take all we have learn’t in the past and apply it to the rebuild of

Screenshot of new boagworld website on macbook, ipad, and iphone

Each week, we are going to take you through the process of our rebuild from planning our business objectives to designing and coding the site. Along the way we are going to speak to experts about every aspect of the redesign from Mike Kus on branding to Joshua Porter about task oriented design.

The show will be released every two weeks and the season will continue for as long as it takes to finish the rebuild. You can be sure to learn something new whether you are a designer, developer or website owner. So stay tuned.

Available shows

Podcast (S2): Making analytics work for you

Do you get the most out of Google analytics or are you just scratching the surface? In this post we discover that analytics is about more than user sessions, page views and bounce rates.


Podcast (S2): Working with WordPress

[S02E08] WordPress has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a blogging tool. It’s now a fully fledged content management system. But is it still the right choice for a site like Boagworld?


Podcast (S2): Helping users find content and take action

[S02E04] A successful website should enable users to find the content they require as quickly as possible, while encouraging them to complete your desired course of action. In this post I examine how to achieve these demanding objectives.


Podcast (S2): The secret power of personality

[S02E03] The design of your site should communicate something of your organisations personality as well as make a connection with users. Knowing who you are and how you communicate is a vital for a successful site.


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