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Awesome apps, terrific tools

There are great apps and tools being released everyday to help those involved in the web do their job better. With so much out there, its hard to find the best tool for the job. That is why from the 20th of September until January, we will be focusing on awesome apps and terrific tools.

Share your recommendations

Something for everybody

Each show will feature at least one app or tool that will be useful to you. Whether you are a designer, developer or website owner, we have you covered.

Now weekly

We are excited to announce that this season (and all future seasons) will now be going out weekly, rather than every other week. Twice as much podcasting goodness for the same low, low price (free!)

Mac, Windows, Web

We all know Paul is a mac fanboy, but not everybody shares his obsession. That is why we intend to feature a range of tools and applications for every operating system.

To make 100% sure this happens, we want you to be involved in recommending apps.

Voted for by you

We want this season to be about the apps and tools you love. That is why we would like you to post suggestions in the comments below. Make sure you explain why you like the app and include a link to its homepage.

See a suggestion you like, vote it up or reply with your own thoughts on what makes it so good.

Those with the most votes and comments will be featured on the show.

Available shows

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