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Digital Adaptation

Digital is not just another tool we can bolt on to our businesses. It has transformed our world and our organisations need to adapt to this new reality. In his book and podcast, Digital strategist Paul Boag looks at what steps you need to take in order to ensure your organisation succeeds in the digital economy.

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Our changing role

With digital becoming ever more crucial and complex, our role as web professionals will have to change.

In the book and podcast we will explore how we need to move from being implementors to educators, helping senior management understand this new medium and adapt their business accordingly.

How business must adapt

With the economic landscape changing so rapidly and digital evolving at such a pace, the need for change is desperately required in most organisations.

As web professionals we can see the current model is not working, but what is the alternative? In the book and podcast we explore how companies need to adapt and what can be learnt from the new generation of digital first organisations.

Instigating change

Finally, the book and podcast will look at the most important question of all - how can we instigate these changes? As web professionals we often lack the authority to bring about significant change in an organisation, but we still have influence.

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