Educating clients to say yes

The guys at Carsonified have published my talk at FoWD New York (Educating clients to say Yes)

  • tom

    nice talk Paul, I’ve heard you brush over this topic in the podcast before, so it’s really nice to hear it discussed a lot more comprehensively.

  • Arnór Heiðar

    Wow Paul, GREAT lecture… I wish you were speaking at IceWeb 2008… Most of what you talked about is exactly what we’ve come to learn through the years, but you touched on some very interesting points…
    love the podcast btw

  • Jan

    Very good talk, Paul. Thanx. And a very good podcast, too. Nice topics.
    Cheers from Berlin,


    IA Television

  • Sean Johnson

    It’s a shame you can’t see the slides :( (copyright issues??)

  • Paul Boag

    @Sean… no copyright issue. Just the way they filmed it. Here are the slides if you want them:

  • sacha

    That was an excellent talk. it has a lot of really excellent advice for a problem that most people rarely acknowledge. I know what I am doing wrong with clients…

  • Aaron Irizarry

    Thank you so much… I work in house, and independently and this presentation has really helped me in my business relationships.
    Thank you for your contributions
    ~Aaron I

  • Paul

    I always try and ask for the ‘average customer’ so I can get an idea of demographics e.g agegroup.
    But so often a Client’s design is solely based around their own personal opinion, and they don’t consider the User’s needs.

  • Sez

    Excellent session Paul!
    Some of this is what I’m always trying to remind myself to do, rather than get frustrated, so it’s a great reminder at a timely moment for us Project Managers.
    However, I also got some great new ideas and tips that I am keen to try with our existing clients when we seem to be going nowhere.
    Thanks again!

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