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Paul Boag Posted by: Paul Boag On Friday, 5th July, 2013

The secret of website management

Website management is not as simple as using traditional management techniques. The web is a unique medium and our processes need to adapt.

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Website management is not a sexy subject and yet it is as crucial to the success of a website as great design or inspiring content. Unfortunately most website management is based on traditional project management techniques that just don’t work online.

The web is too fast moving and dynamic for periodic fixed term projects to work. The web requires something much more flexible, ongoing and iterative.

Fortunately new best practice is emerging thanks to innovative large institutions like GOV.UK and the University of Surrey. In this presentation I explore this best practice and how we need to approach the management of our websites in a totally new way.

Before you start yet another redesign project on your website, be sure to watch this presentation.

Discover a better way to run your web projects with my ultimate guide to website management.

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