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Leigh Howells Posted by: Leigh Howells On Friday, 16th December, 2011

Yes, experience can be designed

Better UX:
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Yes, Experience Can Be Designed

This article got me thinking about User Experience. It has always seemed instinctive and clear to me that experience can be designed, and I’m always surprised that there is any negativity in the matter. From film to theme parks, our experience is crafted by people who know how to manipulate our senses and deeply affect us on an emotional level. Even when we walk into a cathedral we are cajoled through the design of space, proportions and acoustics to feel awe struck at the wonder of it all.

We are simple beings in many ways. We crave order, aesthetic pleasure, ergonomics, simplicity and a clear path to follow. This can all be achieved through good design and consideration to the experiences we deliver.

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