Web Governance ensures long term success

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Web Governance ensures long term success

Web governance; it doesn't sound sexy does it? However, if you are fed up with building websites that fester and die from lack of attention, or working in a web team that never has a chance to think strategically, then it's vital.

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Look beyond design & build

Most web designers think their job is to design and build websites, but that is just the beginning. A successful site is reliant on a lot more than the latest technology and design style. It needs a good team behind it. A team with a strong vision, ample resources, and policies in place to help them do their job. It needs strong web governance.

Discover what lies beyond traditional web design

Create a clear web governance framework

Do you have enough people running your website? What are you going to do in-house and what will you outsource? Who owns the website and are they the right people? What is your policy on accessibility, content removal and more? A successful website needs a web governance framework in place that defines its role and management.

Read more about policies and management frameworks

Think strategically

Too many web teams are so busy reacting to the demands of colleagues and dealing with maintenance that they never have the chance to think strategically. Unfortunately without this kind of strategic thinking, visionary leadership and a clear roadmap, even the best web team will fail to produce a sustainable website.

Learn more about building a web governance roadmap

Always iterate

A website is never finished, it needs to be constantly evolved and refined based on an ongoing programme of monitoring. As you learn more about your users and business requirements, so your site needs tweaking. Do you regularly monitor the key performance indicators of your site and improve the site based on that feedback?

Master the process of iterating your website

Think you cannot make these changes? Think again!

Are you a web designer at an agency who cannot get clients to take web governance seriously or are an in-house web designers who is frustrated by senior management? You might feel unable to bring about change. If that is you, watch this video.

Posts on web governance

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Web governance may not sound sexy but as Marcus explains it is a crucial part of your web strategy. Roadmaps are no good without a clear idea of who will implement them.

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Before you can start work on improving your online presence, you need criteria by which to measure success or failure. You also need a way to judge what work is worth undertaking. You need trackable business objectives.

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A successful website is about more than design and build. Its about the organisation behind it. In this post, I explain how you can better understand those organisations, before helping them make the changes necessary to ensure their site succeeds.


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